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How we provide creative digital experiences

We first begin by understanding the stakeholder journey in order to design and visualise a solution that is attractive and developed with a robust trustworthy Open Source technology that converts on expectations, simplifying your everyday.

Web & mobile

Development of digital touch points for mobile devices that increase your conversions.

Creative content

Your company needs to think, act and communicate in a more effective, attractive and relevant way.

Digital strategy

We help to grow businesses and to build long-term relationships between brands and consumers.

Social media marketing

We build ecosystems which connect brands and consumers through social media interactions.

Digital products

We build long-term relationships between brands and consumers through the design of business enabling digital products.

360 Dashboards

Custom build dashboards to provide you with a 360 visualisation on the data that counts.

Selection of work


International Women Group

International Women Group (IWG) enables women to network and support one another to drive business.

In order to attract, engage and encourage women to the network, IWG was in need of a marketing automation platform, a website for engagement and CRM to manage and facilitate relevant communications.

Youpal developed the website in Drupal 8 and implemented a marketing automation platform integrated with a CRM.

With the necessary digital tools in place, IWG have enabled a network of over a thousand women to grow their personal network, share knowledge, experiences and advice to drive business.

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Ericsson Intranet

Ericsson Intranet is a platform built in Drupal 7 that allows more than 100.000 employees to get access to internal documents, news and resources so they can keep up-to-date about the latest changes in the company and be more efficient at work.

The platform is integrated with Ericsson internal services like Single Sign On to provide a better employee experience.

For a quick and easy search of information, all the content is indexed by Apache Solr, an Open Source Enterprise Search platform that is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralised configuration and more.

Speed is key when you are working, that's the reason why the Ericsson Drupal Intranet platform has been customised using the best performance practices and community contributed modules, all to provide the best experience at work.

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Unicef Spanien

Unicef Spain was in an urgent need of modernising their web presence in order to attract more donations from their visitors.

Their new website offers a visual experience that describes what Unicef is doing around the world defending the rights of children and driving the visitors to the donations or online shop, where a quick and easy checkout process is key for successful conversions.

The site is built in Drupal 8 and the online shop in Drupal 7. Both systems have been integrated smoothly so visitors won't get lost during their browsing session. Other services like newsletters and online chat have been implemented to keep customer loyalty.

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Comunitat Valenciana

The Tourism Web of Valencia is one of the Drupal sites with more traffic in Spain.

We collaborated in the development and maintenance of some of the key components of the site, built in Drupal 6. Some external services, like weather and webcams, have been integrated in order to provide a better experience for the visitors that need an up-to-date information to plan their vacation.

Newsletters, blogs, gallery of videos and pictures are other elements available in the site.

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Doktorsjouren website has been completely renewed and modernised to allow them to grow their business and scale without any technical limitation.

We developed in parallel from scratch a new workforce management system to facilitate the recruitment and management of healthcare providers. From effective staff allocation and scheduling, time reporting and accounting through to digital engagement channels.

Our next step is the development of a social media strategy and the implementation of a digital marketing ecosystem.

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Our digital journey with Transcom began with developing a fresh and modern careers portal to attract and retain young talent in search of a new career path at Transcom.

We then set out a collaborative social media initiative in Sweden which then developed into a global project of strategy creation and the building of social media teams to leverage social media in an effective way. In-house creation, transparency and co-operation has been key elements in our work.

Following our approach to keeping a digital ecosystem in mind; we were awarded the renewal of the Transcom global website. The site is developed in Drupal 8 and as far as we can tell is one of the largest deployments. It is a great pleasure to collaborate with Transcom and we look forward to a continued evolution of their digital journey.

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We love to help young businesses to grow, that's the reason why we are actively collaborating with the Stockholm start-up scene.

In this project we helped Scopa to build their digital experiences and marketing strategy before launching their services. Just a simple website and mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms is not enough for driving a business to succeed.

A Marketing Automation platform, integrated with a CRM, is a must when you want to understand where your business is headed.

Contact us if you want to know more about how to get your new adventure started!

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Drupal Core

At Youpal we bet on Free/Libre and Open Source Solutions (FLOSS).

We know our customers need to have freedom of choice regarding the technologies they use to solve their problems, that's why Youpal collaborates with Open Source projects like Drupal.

Our team have been collaborating in the development of Drupal 8 core in the past 5 years. A lot of our contributions helped to create one of the best content management systems in the market and we continue actively contributing to the Drupal project.

Other examples of our commitment to Drupal are sponsoring and organising events in Europe, mentoring new talent to learn how to get started in Drupal and different collaborations with our network of partners and friends.

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