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About us

Youpal is an agency specialized in providing ambitious digital experiences based in Open Source solutions.

The company started in 2016 after the founders found each other in a loose business network of developers, designers, architects, strategist and project managers. The decision then was to use the many years of experience and success stories to build a company that focus only in a few exclusive customers in order to give the best agile service and be able to grow with the selected few rather than with as many customers as possible. Our ambition is to create long-term relationships with our partners, with a focused profitable business and a manageable core team, to be able to have a sustainable cost structure within our own company, which gives us the possibility to give attractive affordable solutions to our selected customers.

Our company structure is a team of technical architects, projects managers and strategists in Sweden, and a nearshore solution of developers, designers, art directors, architects, user experience designers, interaction designers in Serbia, Rumania and Spain.